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A. R. F. Digital RF: Fact Sheet
Automatic marker for soft-air mounted on helmet / tactical vest with data transmission to PC
via RF / IR (radio or infrared) and ASG deactivation.

Helmet: (available)
The helmet incorporates the ARF DIGITAL hits detection circuit that recognizes the sound
caused by the BB fired from a standard ASG, commercially available up to a distance of 40
metres selecting it from other types of noises that can be caused by accidental blows or due
to the vegetation, and sends a signal to the control unit mounted in the ASG to deactivate it
instantly in addition to activating an alarm (see the buzzer). The system is powered by a
standard 9V battery (rechargeable ones recommended) readily available for sale.
When the BB impacts on the surface of the helmet, the ARF detects and sends the hits to the
control unit that activates the buzzer alerting the player that they have been hit and, if
implemented, deactivating the rifle. The battery is also checked and a signal sent when it is
about to run out.
The ARF deactivation occurs automatically on a timer or manually by passing a magnet
over the top of the helmet. It can be installed on all types of helmets on the market both
originals and the now famous copies made in China and Hong Kong remaining perfectly
concealed on the inside.
One of the great characteristics of the A.R.F. DIGITAL RF system is its capacity to
exchange data with a remote PC, meaning without the players having to remove the helmets,
but simply making sure that they are close to the PC.
The control unit is able to record every hit that the player has received, storing it in its
memory along with other data which can be downloaded onto the PC including:
• number of hits received                                       
• playing time                                                        
• tampering with the battery                                  
• a unique code assigned to each rifle deactivator
• Manual or automatic reactivation and more ...    
The whole thing weighs about 50g and is fixed to the inside of the helmet. A normal
camouflage drape can be attached to all helmet models.

Tactical Vest: (available)
Although not strictly necessary it certainly gives more credibility to the system.
Plates found in the tactical vest are connected to the ARF DIGITAL hits detection circuit
and if hit, send a signal to the helmet’s control unit that then stores the hit and activates, as
before, the procedures for the sound signal on and deactivation of the ASG. Of course, the
tactical vest does not lose its functionality allowing you to apply various types of pockets of
non-sensitive areas.

Rifle: (available)
This is a normal ASG to which is added a small coded receiver (linked to the helmet) which
can block the rifle when hit. (dimensions: 70x35x5mm)
The size of deactivator is really small and is therefore adaptable to any ASG.

Computers (software available)
Generic PC equipped with a RF (radio) transmitter / receiver and supported by a specific
program can communicate to the system at the start of play according to the specifications
of the game (automatic reactivation or not, you must disable the ASG etc.) and of course at
the end of the game download all the data recorded during the game (how many times it was
hit, duration of use, battery status and any unauthorized tampering, etc. ..) not to mention the
convenience of automatically having the score / points of the game .

Grenades: (available)
This accessory is able to deactivate all the systems found within its range. The beam can be
programmed depending on the type of explosions to be simulated.

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